Eco-High Temp Polish Rod Packing General Service Polish Rod Packing Abrasion Resistant Polish Rod Packing Hogh-Temp Polishrod Packing set
High Temp Polish Rod Packing
Using our specially formulated gold flake “High Temp” end rings and pitch based carbon yarn with ptfe or graphite coating, This packing set holds up.
Also available
with bronze cornered braided end rings, for those dual difficulties, heat and abrasion.
General Service Polish Rod Packing
Our General Service packing is available with our low cost Red Rubber end rings our Nitrile or Nitrile with Gold Flake end  rings.  Ideal for well heads that see less steam and heat, and where a cost savings is desired.
Abrasive Service Polish Rod Packing
The corners of these packing rings are all designed to resist the wear and tear of abrasive service.  Bronze wire is utilized
in the top and bottom rings to wipe and clean polish rods.  For the abrasives that make it past the top and bottom rings
Kevlar is used to strengthen the corners of our PTFE & Acrylic Packing.

Polish Rod Packings for well head service.

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